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Wedings, engagements, birthdays, showers, Bar/Bat MItzvahs business meetings, convention centres, festivals, or promotional events – in fact any occasion, whatever your catering needs, Luv’em is ready to deliver the Luv’em Mini Donut experience.  At Luv’em we can customise the flavours and colours, in fact we can also print any artwork onto edible Luv’em discs.  Luv’em will ensure that your special occasion is a memorable one.  

For your Luv’em catering needs you have a choice of either

ON SITE’ – Luv’em Hot Fresh Mini Donuts, Luv’em will bring our mini donut equipment right to your chosen venue so your guests can enjoy piping hot fresh mini donuts and an entertaining experience.  Ask us how we can customise it for your event. Complete our form here for further information.


Luv’em Bulk Order Mini Donuts – your chosen package expedited to corporate offices, hotels, local businesses, your home or your specified location. Go to our shop here!

What is an edible luv'em printed disc?

An edible Luv’em printed disc is exactly that a completely edible disc that we can now print your logo or any artwork onto.  You can then a-fix the edible printed discs on top of your mini donuts.


Packages to suit everyone and every event...

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