Why Us

Do you have a business where you would like to serve Piping Hot Mini Donuts?

We have a mini donut solution for everyone

Luv’em is your perfect mini donut solution, whether it be for your coffee shop, theatre, theme park, bowling alley … in fact absolutely anywhere! We can provide you with the perfect solution for you to offer to your customers Piping Hot Mini Donuts that everyone Luvs!


The mini donuts are a frozen product ensuring minimal to zero wastage.

Zero Preparation

Zero preparation means the product arrives to you frozen. You should have zero wastage!

No Mess, No Fuss

There is no mixing or making involved. The mini donuts are either frozen or ambient temperature. Never in the fridge.

Consistent quality & taste

Our mini donuts are made from the highest quality ingredients. It does not matter where you are in Australia you will receive the same perfect quality and taste.

Easy to share

A family favourite snack that is enjoyed by all ages across all demographics. Being bite size and a mini donut it is easy to share amongst the family.

Staff trained in minutes

Luv’em management will give clear and concise training on how to keep and prepare the perfect piping hot mini donuts in minutes.

Great profit margins

There is no other ‘HOT’ snack item on the market that is luv’ed by ALL that has minimal to zero wastage, with massive profit margins for next to zero CAPEX.

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